Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Are you nervous?

I am!

This is our game to lose now. We're 1-0 up at h-t, and we should go onto win it. We need to marshal the midfield and make sure Real don't score an early goal. Mind you, if we score an early goal, it could turn into a repetition of that Chelsea game....

In terms of news, there isn't much. Cesc continues, allegedly, to make weird statements about his future. Great. Wenger says he might put on Theo if goals are really needed tonight, which does make sense, but would be an incredible debut for a 16 year old who might struggle to make an impact. Bobby may/may not sign his new contract - I think he'll stay personally. Although AW's policy of only giving one year deals to our over-30s does make sense, I think it does provoe a kind of midlife crisis in them which usually delays the deals signing. And Freddie seems to be regaining his confidence, which is something we really need for tonight.

Team i think Arsene will play tonight,

Eboue Toure Senderos Flamini
Ljunberg Fabregas Gilberto Hleb Reyes

with possibly either Hleb or Ljunberg pushing forward a bit to play just behind TH. I don't think he'll start Bergkamp, and as he's our only fit/eligible player who'd really want to play up front, I think Wenger will revert to the, pre-victory in Madrid, dreaded 4-5-1. I think there will be a certain, slightly delicious, irony if we win with 4-5-1, with Chelsea losing with 4-4-2.
The only question for me is whether you start Diaby or not. I don't think AW will - if he was planing to play him against Madrid from the start he would have started him in the Bearnabau.

More fall out from Catalonia: it seems Chelsea were playing 4-4-2 yesterday. I'm sorry: Robben's near total anonymity blinkered my view of what was actually going on. I still can't get over Mourinho taking off Drogba and then being forced to put on Huth as a makeshift longball recipient. I would lol, but it might be bad karma for tonight. Seeing the way Barca play, i really think it could disrupt their team if TH went there. Eto'o seemed to play in a very similar area to him. Yet more reasons for TH to stay.

All together now: Come on Arsenal!

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