Saturday, March 04, 2006

4-0 to the Arsenal


Against my gloomy expectations of this morning, we played fantastically this afternoon, gaining a much needed three points, and, by all accounts, totally outplaying Fulham.

Takes you back a few years...Hopefully a sign for the future. As ever, King TH was on the scoresheet; it was heartening to see Fab and crazy haired Ade get goals as well. Although, by the commentary i heard, it sounds like Ade should have had a hat-trick. Good to see Hleb and Diaby starting and playing well; sounds like Freddie also had a scorcher, even if I'm beginning to think his goals may just not come in the league this season.

So, anyway, I had written a post before the match in which i almost guessed the team right. Unfortunately seemed to have some form of server breakdown and I couldn't get it published, so none of you will believe me if I post it.

I'll try and watch highlights somehow even though i'm going out tonight. May have to fight for control of the telly from the cricket nuts tomorrow to watch goals on Sunday. Either that or it will be merely the briefest of brief tomorrow on MOTD2. Why have I always planned to go out on the days Arsenal win? Damn.

New chant I've just made up in honour of our crazy haired Togolese goal machine - to I love you baby:

I love you Adey
and with your crazy fringe,
I love you Adey,
You play for Togo's team,
I love you Adey,
You've scored some goals for us now.

Diabolical I know, but something to work from?

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