Friday, March 24, 2006

Ronaldinho wants TH; so do I. Who will he choose?

Yes the buck-toothed Brazillian has been expressing his undying love for our TH in a clear attempt to try and push him towards Barcelona.

For a hilarious account of this story read the 'ever reliable' FcBarcelonaBlog. If we were to take this site completely seriously one might wonder why TH hasn't been in the starting line up for Barca over the last couple of weeks, as he has clearly already joined them. Apparently TH met Ronnie in Barca yesterday for a Nike advert. FCBblog speculates, FC Barcelona Blog does not know what the two star players had to say to each other in private but it can be assumed that brazilian magician Ronaldinho has urged Henry to join Frank Rijkaard's Spanish champions rather than to extend his existing contract with the Highbury outfit who´s current campaign is a disappointment this year.

It could also be assumed they didn't say anything re: a possible move to Barca, but hey!

While we're speculating, my version of their conversation:

'Hi Ronnie', (T)
'Hey Titi', (R)
'You're quite a good player aren't you', (T)
'not so bad yourself Terry me old mate'. (R)
'well i would say fancy a pint, but, you know, we can't being professional football players and all. It's a faux pas nowadays innit'. (R)
'yeah, shame, maybe we can go for a jug in Bavaria after the World Cup' (T)
'Sounds good. Say, do you fancy joining Barca?' (R)
'Nah, it's alright.' (T)
'K, cool, see you later Terry'
'Yeah see you later Ronnie, take it easy'

Well maybe not the bits about the pints.

Elsewhere, Becks now loves us, and will be cheering us on in the CL. Quite the turnaround from the player who used to openly admit to hating Arsenal. I'm beginning to feel his move to us is gaining an air of inevitabilty.

Good article, as per usual, by Myles on ANR this morning. Spot on about Sol. I don't think Arsene will humiliate him in the way Ferguson is currently doing so with Van Nistelrooy, but I can't see Sol walking back into the 1st team. I think Phil is here to say, which I personally feel is a good thing. Following Arseblog, I think the key word in this story is 'compete'. Not walk back into the 1st team: 'compete' for a position in it. Sounds ominous.

Interview with the Flamster on Arsenal Tv. One of the few times I wish I had it.

An interesting story about how hard it was for Arsene to get rid of Paddy. Also a rather touching part about how he was summarily dropped from his first team when he was 32 and a half:
"When I was a player-manager at the age of 32, I said to one of my directors: 'The day you think I am too old, come and tell me straight after the match'. One day when I was 32 and a half, he said to me: 'Arsene you are too old'. I never played again.
Aw! poor Arsene! We love you! You'll never be too old for us!

C'est tout, pour maintenant. I will do a pre-Portsmouth review tomorrow morning - well pre- 3'o clock - so make sure you read me nice and early tomorrow.

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