Monday, March 27, 2006

The countdown to Juve begins in earnest.

Around 36 hours to go before one of the biggest games in the history of Arsenal Football Club. Normally I try to restrain myself from hyperbole, but this is the real-deal. A good result tomorrow, and Gooners around the land will begin to worry about taking time off work in May... For an informative overview of our opponents, see here. I find it incredible that Juve are decreasing the size of the ground. To me that says a lot about Italian football.

Lots and lots of hype about. Not one, but two Myles articles this morning on ANR, both great. The second is actually largely written by a Chelsea fan, ranting against the influence of G14(18) in European football. Some fairly incredible statistics in there about the domestic and European dominance of the G14. Myles think our Youtful spirit will prevail and I agree. Also Juve have Del Piero and Nedved out - two great players who they are going to miss. Indeed it seems Del Piero has been in better form of late than I gave him credit for yesterday, breaking Juve's scoring record earlier this season. Vieira's form has also been criticised of late. Indeed I think we should all remember that most of us were with Arsene when he was sold. I don't even think Arsene was wrong in not buying a replacement,because, quite frankly, Paddy, in his peak, was one of a kind. I think what we've seen this season, and what will continue next season, is the growth of a new team, with a new style that doesn't rely on a player like Paddy. This is why i feel it's so important to keep TH, because this would, basically, set the process of this new team's growth back, significantly. All of us are too impatient nowadays. We need to put a little more faith in Arsene.

If you haven't seen it, here's the Juve squad for tomorrow.

According to The Mirror, Sol is going to start tomorrow. Hmm. Not sure about this, I think this is pure speculation, because they would have no way of knowing who's going to play. I, personally, would be very surprised to see Phil and Kolo summarily displaced at this juncture. For Arsene not to even include Sol in the Portsmouth squad and then throw him back in against Juve would seem odd to me.

Now work time. By tomorrow's post I expect you all to be quivering wrecks with me. I will post all the speculation I can in a frenzied attempt to calm my nerves.

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