Sunday, March 05, 2006


Not a huge amount I can add to discussions about the game yesterday as I've only seen the goals.

Henry' were classic - left channel, burst of speed, b.o.t.n. Adebayor took his goal well - apparently he could have had even more. Wenger reckons Freddies back with it again. I hope so. If he could somehow re-find his shooting boots and knock a few in before the end of the season, it could be the difference between 4th,5th or 6th.

In other news: Cesc has admitted he wants to play in La Liga one day. As he's only 18 that's probably fair enough to say, but it's still a bit worrying. Read his exact words here.

Also, Becks gives us a few compliments here. A 'come and get me' call?

My predictions for the summer. Aside from a painful wait before seeing if TH goes or not there will be a bewildering array of part-exchange deals mooted. Expect complete fantasy headlines: Cole +TH+ Fab for Baptista, Ronaldo, Becks and an 'undisclosed fee'. Or Fab for Becks plus £7m etc. None of which will occur. The only major player who has any chance of leaving the club this summer is TH. Cole and Fab will definitely stay. I hope TH will stay, but I think it will all depend on CL football. Which, if we play like we did yesterday, shouldn't be a problem.

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