Saturday, March 18, 2006

Finally FIFA does something about racism; pre-Charlton.

Yes - FIFA finally seems to have done something which may actually deter racism. Link here. Clearly fines are no deterrent to clubs, so it's great to see a point docking system being introduced. Even relegation can, supposedly, occur for persistent offenders. I think closed door matches would have also been a great penalty as well.

Of course the whole scheme hinges on enforcement. Laws and legal systems are based around theory and practice. It's all very well having these news penalties, but FIFA have to ensure that local FAs enforce them when racism occurs. The test will come when a big La Liga or Serie A club is clearly guilty of racist offences, and the local FAs do nothing. If FIFA doesn't step in to ensure the laws enforecement, these new guidelines will be just words on paper.

Alan Curbishley, our opposing manager today, is, seemingly, currently leading the way for the England manager's job. Hmm. Not sure about that. Curbishley has never even managed at a Champions League level. He's done a good job at Charlton, but: we don't need an English manager. For me it's between Scolari, Hiddink, or possibly O'Neill. And please don't mention McClaren or Pearce. Not good enough.

As for us - injuries stay the same as they've been all week. No: RVP, Cole, Sol, Freddie, Diaby, or Jose among others.

So the team I think I think Arsene will start:

Eboue Toure Phil Flam
Hleb Fab Gilbs Pires
Adebayor Henry

And I think Walcott will get his debut today.

We should win this one. If we're serious about CL qualification it should be a given, especially as we even managed to beat them away earlier in the season! We need to keep this great momentum we have at the moment and we could be in the top 4 by 5 o'clock.

Keep the faith! Have a great saturday.

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Goonerboy said...

Seems I was a trifle hasty with the team news. RvP is back in the squad for today. Great news. I doubt he'll start, but it's a great option to have.