Wednesday, March 15, 2006

No news to report: let's make some up!

Yes, in the time honoured fashion of dilligent journalism, when you can't find any news to report: go and make some up!

So we now have the Ashley Cole to Chelsea move resurfacing. No matter how desperate Mourinho is for old Ash, or how much cash he'd give him, I really can't see Ash doing this to us. I'm actually fairly confident he'll stay in the summer, but if he does go I think it'll be to a European, not English team. The essence of this story seems to be: Chelsea want a left back; Ash is a good left back; Chelsea want Ash. So far, so plausible. Next step: Ash leaves for the Chavs, hmm, don't think so. Anyway, read the article in that paragon of adroit journalism, the Sun, here. This isn't mindless speculation. no. oh no.

Thierry is also meant to be going to Barcelona zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry i fell asleep. This is according to FCBarcelona blog, who also writes an Arsenal blog which then accepts his suggestions wholesale. This was exposed by another Arsenal blog a while ago, but I've forgotten which one it was.

Aside from this, a slow news day. RVP and Sol are making steady progress back from injury, and came through a special match for them unscathed. According to Sky Sports, Freddie will be out for 2 weeks, which is a blow. No real news on Jose, or the defensive colossus that is Pascal Cygan's injuries.

Watched some of the Ajax-Inter game last night which was pretty dire. If we can get through to the semis, I'm fairly confident we could beat Villa or Inter, who looked very ordinary last night, despite a wonder goal. Samaras, an old transfer target of ours, is also going well at Man City. His goal helped them through to the 1/4s of the FA cup last night.

As for me: slightly better now. Still not 100%. If I played for Arsenal, they'd probably be conducting a closed doors game for me to get me back to full fitness. The dream eh?

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