Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Game on. Round 1.

Right, I have so much work to do this will be what we bloggers call a 5 minute post.

Basically, the big news is that Sol will definitely not be playing. May I congratulate the Mirror on their 'scoop' yesterday, where they reported news to the contrary. Who knows, they might have been right, but it seems Sol has picked up a '48 hour injury' according to Le boss. Smells a little fishy to me. Freddie is also out which is more of a blow. We could really have done with his combative nature, and Juve have bad memories of him.

Elsewhere, Paddy is clearly feeling emotional about his return to Highbury, giving a monosyllabic pressconference yesterday in which he pretended that this game had no emotional level for him. Can't blame him for trying to be professional I suppose. I think, in a way, it would put him off more if everyone did clap and applaud him for a bit, because he'd remember that he loves our club and that he wishes he was still here. Although I wouldn't want him to start crying on the pitch. Finally, on The Times website, someone finally defends Arsene's decision to sell Paddy, and put faith in the youngsters. Whether he'll be saying the same tomorrow remains to be seen.

We've also, perhaps comically?, been linked with Gallas today. Great defender, bad attitude. We should buy him! I can't really see us and Chelsea wanting to do business together, and Chelsea would be fools to let him go, but stranger things have happened. Might be a bit of a death knell for Sol's career at AFC though.

My predicted line up for us

Eboue kolo phil flam
Hleb diaby/pires gilbs fab reyes

Just realised that without Freddie it gives us abit of a conundrum as to who to play in Central midfield with fab and Gilberto. I'll leave that one to Arsene. I'm pretty sure we'll play 4-5-1 though, even with RvP back.

In the course of writing this I've realised how nervous I am about tonight. Ahhhh! Still, come on boys. We can do it!

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