Thursday, March 23, 2006

Send TH a postcard!

Ye gods! what a slow week.

Interesting ANR post by Ian Grant this morning. Apparently we have a Masai fan-club now. I really love the fact we have supporters all over the world - it can only be a good thing. And I'm sure the diversity of our players' backgrounds contributes to this.

Arsene is remaining cagey over whether Sol will walk back into the first team or not. I would have to say - no. Phil and Kolo are builiding a relationship and should be left in - even if it is Juve. Well, given Sol's performances before this whole debacle, especially if it's Juve. I hope he gets back to the player he was, but I really think we should be trying to build something new at the back.

We've been linked to another French 'keeper: Pele from Le Mans. I think Arsene may buy a goalie this summer, but I wouldn't like to speculate on who yet. Like I've said before I think Juskalainen or Shay Given would be excellent options - but we all know Arsene. It's likely to be someone we haven't heard of before.

Finally - Arsenal World is encouraging a scheme wherby we all send TH a postcard to let him know how much we all love him. Not sure about this. It might work or it might annoy him. Knowing TH - well, as well as any of us 'know' him - he might like it. Perhaps you could drop one in with your mother's day card.

Right, must work. I have an unquantifiable amount of envy for Arseblogger today. Living in Barcelona, hosting a pro-evo 5 tournament. Sounds alright to me.

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