Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wenger takes the blame

Arsene seems to have accepted partial responsibility for what has happened this season. Worryingly he seems to suggest at the end of this article that he needs to maintain some form of reputation in international job-market. No! You're not going anywhere Arsene. He says 'his dream' is to re-construct another great side, and to win the CL this year. I'd happily take both. The Match Report in the Independent yesterday, also seemed to focus on Wenger's future at the club, especially after it claimed that he was almost definitely approached recently for the Madrid job.

Far more than TH we need to tie Arsene down to a long-term future at the club. The thought of him with the extra financial resources that the new stadium will offer is mouthwatering. His contract runs out in 2008, so expect there to be some angst-ridden period in the forthcoming months about him extending his contract.

TH has been lavishing praise on the Togolese goal machine that is Manu Adebayor. I think even TH may have realised that beating the ground in anguish isn't the best way to build a rapport between you and new teammates. He may have also noted that scowling at Reyes for about 2 years probably did dent his confidence somewhat. T rightly points out that Ade gives us a new dimension in the team: one that can hold the ball up, lead play, and carve out moves for him. Ade leads the line, unlike when RvP is playing or when Dennis is playing and TH moves to the fore. I think T will really grow to like Ade and RvP may have a job on his hands to try and push his way back into the first team. As long as Ade keeps up a reasonable scoring rate, his overall team work may keep Robin out.

Bobby is remaining ambiguous about his new deal. The latest is that he will sign the 1 year deal but he wants to be assured of a reasonable amount of playing time. Sounds fair enough.

The Becks situation could also go either way. He was dropped for their game this weekend, which seems remarkable given that he has clearly been Real's best player this season. However, Real have moved to give him a new contract, so we're in for a couple of interesting months, re his supposed move to us.

At this rate i predict another slow week of news. There. that should jinx things sufficiently for laods of Arsenews to happen.


Anonymous said...

great blog more people need to know about it

Goonerboy said...

Thank you. Tell all your friends! I need to get on newsnow but don't know how if anyone can help me.

Anonymous said...

i think if arsenal were doing better in the league there would have been more chances for lupoli and bentner to get games. as it is let hope we see them next season

Goonerboy said...

I agree. It's a shame because they both look like really good prospects, but it can be a bit of a risk, or appear like one, to blood new players in a difficult season. I'm sure they'll both be given chances though.