Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The mid-week blues

Do you have it? I'm sure Birmingham do. What a defeat! I always thought Birmingham had the quality to stay up: I'm not so sure now, and there'll be quite the car-boot sale if they go down. The thought of Heskey trying to find a new club borders somewhere between comedy and tragedy.

As for us, this week seems to be even slower than last week, but there are some interesting tit-bits floating about. I've waited until mid-afternoon to get enough info together to make a decent post.

Clubcall reckons that the Diop deal is conclusively off, if it was ever on. He's a good player, but hardly a Vieira replacement, and with Diaby now at the club we have someone who'll be twice as good as him by, hmm, the end of this season maybe. Although, knowing clubcall, we'll probably sign him next week - especially as other sites are running stories that we/Man U are interested in him due to his contract 'stalling'. Ah, the fetid air of speculation.

A more plausible story
clubcall are running is that Arturo Lupoli, our young Italian 'sniper' (as Arsene called him) is not going out on loan anymore as he's out for the rest of the season. I think this boy could be quite special, so it's a shame that he's injured and that he can't go out somewhere and get some experience. I would say he's got two more years before Wenger will make the stay on or ship out decision with him.

I think we may finally be closing in on the TH contract as well. Inter have given up trying to sign him as their president reckons T wil definitely be signing a new deal with us. This deal was never going to happen - T wouldn't go back to Italy, and if he was forced to it would only ever be to Juve/Ac - so I'm unsure how much we should read into his comments. More on contracts and injuries here.

A very amusing TH photo is here. Where is Lehmann? has this photo been altered? could TH have beaten Charlton on his own? Just some of the questions it raises.

There's an interesting piece on our African legion on the official site. I'm planning on getting a Togo shirt with Adebayor on the back; provided they don't beat us. The Cote d'Ivoire shirts are just too Orange. Also, I already love Ade.

Finally the moment in which we, hopefully, remind Spurs just who's boss of North London has, thankfully, been changed so as to be live on Sky Sports. Note the hilarious shirts on this Spuds site. Jol as the Godfather!! As this hack has said this is now the biggest London derby game ever. We cannot lose to the Spuds in their final game at the library. We just Can't!!

On that moment of panic, I shall leave you. Until tomorrow, ta ta.

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