Sunday, March 26, 2006

We wanted to play. Portstmouth should get a better pitch.

Incredibly, it seems certain websites are speculating that pressure from Arsene and David Dein led to the game being called off. Rubbish. We wanted to play just as much as Pompey. It's their fault their pitch can't drain water properly. Frankly, I'm with Arseblogger on this one: If pompey have a ground which can't deal with rain then I think we should be awarded the three points. Old 'arry banged on about how much he wanted to play the match: well, you should improve the ground then mate. Having a fixture pile-up at the end of the season affects us as much as you, and if your ground isn't premiership quality we shouldn't have to be the ones to suffer.

Aside from that, the build up to Juve has begun in earnest. Paddy really seems to have taken to the role of the jilted lover, now claiming that we've apparently lost our 'hunger' and that's why he left. No Paddy, you left as you were told you wern't good enough for the club. Del Piero may also be out for the game at Highbury but, given how much he's aged, it might have been better if he'd been playing. I still think our youthful zest will prevail in this one.

Great interview with Ally Hleb on the Graudain website. He was never meant to be a replacement for Vieira and I was slightly annoyed that some fans were so quick to write him off after he came back from injury. I really think he will be a great player at the club. The comparison with the Pires period of acclimatisation is informative.

Congratulations to Reading on their promotion yesterday; time for work.

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