Friday, March 17, 2006

Will this week never end!

Really! What a rubbish week! Illness, boredom, despair. Well maybe not the last one.

Hacks are continuing to peddle, seemingly, whatever thoughts come into their minds. So we have the Baptista story, round 4983720, in which our Ash is to be used as a makeweight in a deal for him according to The Star. That's right: Ash as the makeweight. I don't think so. Maybe if Baptista crawled from Madrid to Islington, and then, on his knees, begged Arsene for forgiveness for spurning the glorious opportunity we gave him in the summer, and Real are prepared to accept some Highbury memorabilia for him, a deal could be arranged.

Re: TH's supposed transfer read this and laugh/cry.

More plausibly we've been linked with Nantes' keeper Mikael Landreau. I say more plausibly merely on the basis that he's French, clearly half-decent and I've never heard of him before: satisfying the usual criteria of a Wenger gem.

We've also been linked with Joseph Yobo of Everton.Eh?

As for tomorrow's game, the injury list is now so long that players are recovering before Arsene finishes reading it. Significant new additions include: Freddie, who'll probably be out for another week; Diaby - I'm assuming it's not serious, but no real word on it; Jose, who might be out until week saturday, if not the Juve game.

Happy St. Patrick's day. The patron saint of Ireland and Drinking. I remember once having to drink Green tinted lager with breakfast with 3 Irish people on a St Paddy's day. Got to love it. Hopefully a happy end to this week.


Anonymous said...

saw spike lee on bbc today in his arsenal shirt

Anonymous said...

we've just nicked another teenage starlet of barcelona medina

Goonerboy said...

Fran Merida - apparently Arseblog & Arsenal Mania have videos of him playing.

I don't think we've actually got him yet, but he looks good. Although the vids were the equivalent of a teen kick about.